Frequently Asked Questions

WhY book through this website and not via others?

When you are looking for vacation homes, you will probably will end up on Home Away, VRBO, Fewo or any other related sites. They rule the market. They have millions of properties. And that’s the problem. Too much can be overwhelming and make it hard for you to decide. In addition these giants don’t update thier listings as often as we do.   If you know where you want to go, check us out

Why should I list with you and not with the big boys?

Why decide: Get the best of both worlds. List our property on both websites. The problem on the big companies websites is their huge inventory. If your listing aint on the first 3 pages,  chances of getting a booking are slim. No problem on websites of smaller companies.   There is no risk, since we only charge if we get you bookings.   And any payment goes direct and right away to you. 

What are the differences to other websites?

Right now there are about 5.000 homes for rent in  Cape Coral. You need to be different in order to get bookings.  We will never beat websites like Home Away, VRBO or Fewo. They get a lot of traffic and will always show up on page 1 or 2 on any search engines. But so will our website !!  Once a website is found by travellers, then this nearly guarantee’s bookings.  And it’s sure a difference if there are thousands of homes to look through ( like on Home Away etc ) or if there are only a few. This will never be a site with thousands of homes. We want to list exclusive homes and we want to make sure people looking to spend time in the SunshineState will find your home.  

Why will guests find this website?

We invested a lot of thoughts, time and effort into this site. The name alone nearly gurantees  a great position on search engines like Google. People looking to come to Florida will type words lilke “Florida” – “Rental” and the word “Vacation” in their browser. This already puts us in a great spot. On top of this, our website is highly sophisticated when it comes to Search Engine optimizing ( SEO )  Every month we spend thousands of Dollars to make sure we will be found. 


We know we can get guests to book your home. That’s why we work on commission and commission only. There is no charge to list your home.  For every successfull booking we will charge 15% from the NET rental price.  This means we don’t get commission from taxes, cleaning and other fee’s guests pay. 

When and how will owners get paid?

Many people don’t like it how payments from tenants through websites like Home Away, Fewo etc. are handled.  Owners often don’t get paid until the guest has already moved into the home.  With us, you get paid right away any time you want to get paid. Any payments go right to you. We don’t touch or keep any of your money

Can I get in touch with my tenants ?

And we are diferent here as well: Of course you can. We don’t block any information between you and your guests like other websites do.  We bring you and your tenants together. We broker the deal. Everything else is completely up to you

Can I use my own rental agreeement?

You don’t have to, but of course you can.  In your ( own ) agreement you can explain payment options, wire instructions and everything else. But when a guest decides to book through our website, a binding agreement is already in place .  Tenants are already obligated to rent the property  and pay the owner. But in the rental agreement you can also state how you want to handle cancellations and much more  

How compliacate is it to list my property?

We invested many thousand Dollars to make everything easy. We consider ourselves thr small brother of Home Away.  Nearly everything you can do on their websites, you can do on ours too. Just on a bit smaller scale. Therfore listing your home is easy. Put in the info and press the send button.  This won’t take more than 15 Minutes max!! 

Will my property show up immediatley ?

Again: This is not the usual website. After you entered your information in the listing form, we need to confirm your identity, set your listing up and approve it . This is done by real people. We will make sure everything is entered correct, set up the calendar etc. Your listing will be life within 1 – 2 business days. For more bookings we would appreciate you forward us any  other booking you get. There is also a possibility for you to get owner access to your listing  on our site to update your calendar yourself. 

CaN I keep my managment company?

We are not looking to become your ( new ) management company and we don’t want to clean your home. We are not looking to replace anyone from your existing team. We only broker the deal. We bring both parties together. If you need our help, or if you have general question and maybe need help with repairs, then of course we can help. Living in Florida for more than 15 years and Michael being a Realtor will help you get answers to most questions. 

How will guests get access to the home?

As mentioned before, you keep your existing management company. You decide how your guests will have access to your property.  Hand them access codes or phone numbers from whoever shows them in

Returning guests: Do I have to pay you again?

It would be nice  if you recognice that we have been responsible for this guest in the first place, but you don’t have to. We treat you fair and honest. You don’t owe us any commsiison for returning guests if you don’t want to

How can we make sure ur calendar is up to date?

One of the biggest advantages of our website is that all calendars of all homes are supposed to be always current. Once a guest decided to book, they don’t like to hear the home is not available. They are gone forever. If you share our calendar with other websites, then you don’t have to do anything. Every booking on other websites will show up in our calendar. If you book your home yourself, either send us an email with the dates and we update your calendar, or go online and do it yourself. In your own interest please try not to forget to do this 

WhAT's thE +/- 2 day at booking for?

Let’s assume you have already booked your flight and now you picked a home you like, but this home aint availalbe for exactly the period you like.  This option is for guests who are a little flexible. Maybe you wanted to go to Orlando or to the Keys anyway. If you put these trips at the beginning or at the end of your trip, then more homes might be avialalbe for your stay.   

Further Questions

Missing anything you like to be posted? Send us an email and we will list your qustion right here so other guests can see it