Buy your own home in the Sunshine State

No matter if you are looking to buy a home for $100.000 of for several millions.  The first step is always the same: Get a feeling for the market. Get an idea what your money can buy.  As a Broker for over 30 years, I’m still excited how easy you can do this.

Thanks to the “Multiple Listing System” ( MLS )  every Broker has access to ALL homes available on the market.  We can give you access to the same system. And the best: It’s free!! No hassle, no obligation and no bothering you. Just plain free excitement!  

With this software you get LIFE updates. The second a new property matching your criteria is listed, you will receive the information. NO OTHER software or website can do this. 

You can set your budget and all your other criteria and the systems runs a life search in the MLS and shows immediate results.  

There are 2 different Options to do this:  Either you just want to take a short look or you want to get daily updates of homes entering the market.  You decide. Here is a short overview of the PRO’s and CON’s of each system:

Option 1:
You only want to take a peek!

If you only want to get a quick overview what your money can buy or what kind of properties are available on the market right now, then this is your best option. Enter your criteria below the pro-contra list to get started.  You get immediate results.



Option 2:
You want to get updates every time a new property gets listed

If you  know what you are looking for and if you want automatic updates from properties that fit your criteria, then please fill out the short form below and send it to me. I will set it up for you and from this point everything happens automatically. This software is also completely free of charge!



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As a home buyer, hiring a broker in Florida does not cost you anything. All expenses are paid by the seller. Not hiring a broker would leave you unrepresented and the sellers agent would not work in your best interest. He represents the seller who pays him. Only if you hire a broker yourself, you will be represented. I will only work for you. Not for the seller. I will do all the negotiations and the paperwork and explain every step in detail. You can even hold me accountable if something goes wrong.  Not hiring a broker as a buyer would be your biggest mistake with one of your biggest investments. I’m looking forward to be working with you.

Go ahead and try which of the 2 systems you like better. For any questions or support, please feel free to contact me.