Comparing real estate rentals in Europe and the USA

Americans find it difficult to understand European investors when problems such as non-payment of rent and, in bad cases, even nomadic tenancy arise. We actually almost don’t know such a thing in the USA. We will show you where the differences lie: In general, it should be noted that the rights for rentals in the

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Property management trouble

The snowbirds are coming back and they often don’t like how their property looks. They thought they’d paid a management company to take care of their property, but it looks like hell.  Did it happen to you too – or not YET???? Chances are, it might happen to you as well. I heard the excuse

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Buying a vacation home and rent it: Does it produce ROI?

We have plenty of statistics showing us if a vacation home still is a good investment. I.e. let’s take a look at the Tourist tax received by Lee County over the last 12 months: This is a look by the end of September and therefore right before the season kicks in again: We had the

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